From Russia with Love

Presented by Brisbane Symphony Orchestra

Venue 114
Sun 19 August 2018

Time: 3 pm
Tickets: Adult $35 / Pensioner $30 / Student (Tertiary) $30 / Child (5 - 17 years) $10 / Under 5 years free
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Brisbane Symphony Orchestra celebrates Russia's folk rhythms and melodies and its love of dance with works from three mighty composers of the Russian school.
Prokofiev in his Romeo and Juliet Ballet Suite No 2 perfectly captures the characters and scenes of Shakespeare's tragedy – from Juliet's playful innocence to the menacing conflict between the Montagues and the Capulets. The Suite is one of two that Prokofiev drew from the full score of the ballet, originally rejected as “undanceable” and heavily criticised by Soviet cultural officials but which has since become one of the most loved ballet scores of all time.
Khatchaturian's ballet, Spartacus, follows (not entirely historically accurately) the story of the leader of a slave revolt against the Romans. The music alternates tender lyricism and dynamic energy in Khatchaturian's characteristic folk inspired music. Khatchaturian's ballet, written a year after Stalin's death, received the approval of the Soviet cultural authorities, who saw in it an allegory of the Russian people throwing off the oppression of the Tsars.
It is hard to imagine that someone so famous as Borodin, the illegitimate son of a Georgian nobleman, was born a serf. However, his father provided well for his son (and freed him at the age of 7) and Borodin grew up to become not only a doctor and notable chemist but also one of Russia's most significant composers, one of the “Mighty Handful” of Russian composers. His Symphony No 2 is a work of great expressive power and lyricism and deservedly known as one of his most important works.
Afternoon tea provided
Performance approx 120 minutes including interval
2.30 pm doors open for 3 pm start
Venue 114
Sunday 19 August
3 pm 
Tickets: Adult $35 / Pensioner $30 / Student (Tertiary) $30 / Child (5 - 17 years) $10 / Under 5 years free

Tickets can be purchased via Brisbane Symphony Orchestra's website or at the door.

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