Dustier Than Ever

In honour of Slim Dusty

The Events Centre
Sun 23 July 2017

Time: 2.00pm
Tickets: $30.00 / Conc & Groups 6+: $28.00
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Dustier Than Ever is a 90 minute show which has been presented over 100 times in the last 5 years with the permission of Joy McKean, Slim Dusty’s wife.

Performed by The Chris Cook Band, a popular, eclectic, country 3 piece band based in northern NSW.

Chris Cook plays fast and furious guitar, highly polished bluegrass banjo and energetic country fiddle with his distinctive and inimitable style, infectious enthusiasm and extensive repertoire. This multi-instrumentalist and song-writer, who wrote 3 songs recorded by Slim Dusty, is accompanied by a very able double-bass player who also sings and a drummer/percussionist. The songs and music are accompanied by Chris’s encyclopaedic knowledge of Slim’s music and snippets from times they spent together.

This is an authentic performance in which Chris Cook gives an excellent coverage of songs based on his familiarity with Slim Dusty. He has recently performed by invitation with Slim Dusty’s daughter Anne Kirkpatrick and Slim Dusty’s Band -The Travelling Country Band.

There is a devotion, admiration and love for the songs of Slim Dusty which this presentation captures.

This show evokes the feeling of involvement in the community which was introduced and perfected by the Australia- wide travels of Slim Dusty and his entourage over many years. The show always leaves the audience with a definite ” feel- good, nostalgic” atmosphere – remembering times past and another era of live entertainment.

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