Floating Island

Sunshine Coast Stadium
Sat 01 January 2011 - Wed 01 June 2011

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January to July 2010 TreeLine invites you to celebrate trees and their stories and inspire others to take action for the environment through art. Celebrate trees that are significant to you personally or your community, cultually or ecologically.Raise awareness of local and global issues through the arts. Encourage environmental action.

Education Program – An online education program that provides materials inspired by our Lead Artists to guide TreeLine activities in schools.
Lead Artist Program – A commissioned artists program of leading local and national artists who will present multi-arts activities across the region both in the environment and arts spaces across the Sunshine Coast from May to July 2010.
TreeLine 4U  Program – Find out how you, your family, artists, schools, environment and community groups can create a TreeLine project large or small.
TreeLine @ Program – TreeLine will be featured at existing Sunshine Coast festivals, expos, carnivals, events and happenings.

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